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Love Moschino is the name of a fashion line from the iconic Italian Moschino brand. The brand was established in 1983 by Franco Moschino, and the Loge Moschino line was launched in 2008, with the idea of fashion for young, brave, and progressive people.

Meaning and history

Today Love Moschino is definitely the most popular line of the Moschino fashion house. This line was created for people who crave to be in the center of attention and are not afraid of wearing super bright and sometimes weird garments. It is a rare symbiosis of convenience and edgy beauty. All models are universal and are suitable for any event, combining both classic look and casual.

The Love Moschino line was introduced in 2008, as a replacement for Moschino Jeans, which was not too popular. The Moschino Jeans were all about simple denim solutions, while the Love Moschino decided to play in contrast and started using outrageous elements and color schemes from the first days.

The Love Moschino line is intended for a young, modern audience, so it has a particular eccentricity, an emphasis on rage, comfort, and unique style. The clothes of the brand combine femininity with boldness, and sexuality with humor. The Love Moschino extravagant garments are accompanied by bags and accessories, created by the brand.

What is Love Moschino?

Love Moschino is one of the three directions of the famous Italian Moschino fashion house. The main brand was founded in 1983, and by the launch of the Love Moschino line in 2008, has already had hundreds of boutiques all over the globe. However, the bold and sassy Moschino Love has become the most popular product of the brand and managed to expand the audience of the fashion house.

As for the usual identity, the Love Moschino badge balances the unique progressive design of the clothes, produced by the fashion label, being laconic and stable. The logo is composed of a two-leveled inscription, executed in a classy black-and-white color palette.

2008 – Today

Love Moschino Logo

The Love Moschino logo is simple. It hardly says anything about the fashion house and the style of the collection, except that it does its job properly and does not elaborate too much.

At least, the wordmark does its job – it is perfectly legible due to the simple sans serif letters. The width of the lines forming the letters is the same for each glyph, and it does not change within a single glyph. This approach has been used in many fashion logos (Yeezy logo, for instance).