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The designers behind the Dsquared2 brand are Dean and Dan Caten. They are twin brothers from Willowdale, Toronto. They introduced the first men’s collection under their brand in 1995.

Meaning and history

Like quite a few other fashion houses, Dsquared2 has opted for a minimalistic logo featuring nothing but the name of the company. Even the choice of type does not tell that much about the brand.

In the Dsquared2 logo, we can see an austere sans serif typeface without any unusual features. The width of the strokes is even across all the wordmark, the letters are neither too tall nor too short (they are based on a proportional rectangle shape).

Even the color scheme – black on the white background – is the most common choice for a fashion brand. Probably the only thing in the wordmark that is not average is the weight – the type is pretty heavy.

Dsquared2 logo

While such a logo does not tell much about the brand identity of Dsquared2, it can offer plenty of benefits crucial for any fashion house. The most important one is freedom. The logo does not set strict limits on the style of clothing the brand introduces.

While the style of the logo can be described as modern, basic, and utilitarian, it leaves enough space for the professionals designing the collections.


Dsquared2 emblem

When there is not enough space for a full Dsquared2 logo, the company opts for its short version. It features the letter “D” and the number “2” using the same type as the primary wordmark.