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Rebel is an Australian sports gear retailer founded in 1985 and headquartered in Sydney agglomeration. They offer specific products for different types of sports, goods for resting, sports clothes, and footwear. There are many international brands in Rebel retail chain – Adidas or Nike, for example. Their main market is New Zealand and Australia, where they carry 150 stores across the country and employ 4,500 workers. They also provide equipment for nationwide sports events of Australia, such us cricket tournaments, for instance.

Meaning and history

Rebel Logo history

Rebel Sport retail chain was established by Super Retail Group Limited in 1985 when its first shop was opened in Bankstown. This name was probably chosen because it’s distinctive, and it can be easily associated with sports. In 2012, Rebel Sport deleted the word ‘Sport’ from its name and changed the logotype. In 2017, it was merged with Amart Sports – a sports brand which ceased its operations. By the same time, Rebel was the official partner of many cricket organizations of Australia. It had over 4,000 employees and multiple nationwide labels.

What is Rebel?Rebel is a retail chain of high quality sports products. They sell professional equipment, outfits, footwear, accessories, and other types of sports products. The main offices are located in Bankstown, Australia, and the whole chain was established in the middle of the 80s. There are more than 150 points of the shop’s presence, all spread across all states of Australia and also in New Zealand. Rebel is also an official partner of many cricket organizations in Australia.


Rebel Logo 1985

The initial Rebel logotype consists of two rectangles. In the upper rectangular frame, we can see the ‘Rebel’ word, while in the figure below, they put the ‘Sport’ inscription.


Rebel Logo

When they changed their name, they also changed the logo. Now it showed the name without the ‘Sport’ word and any rectangles.


Rebel Symbol

The font set up changed twice throughout the history of the Rebel brand logo. The original logotype depicted the narrowed and elongated sans-serif characters for the ‘rebel’ word, while showing small yet bold sans-serif letters for the ‘sport’ caption. The symbols also had large gaps in between. In both inscriptions, the letters are all capitals.

The 2012 variation of the logo features lowercase ‘rebel’ word with sans-serif characters. Also, the second ‘e’ symbol is mirrored, which makes the whole logotype look stylish and distinctive.


Rebel Emblem

The official corporate logotype of Rebel is the black image positioned in a white background. There are other versions of this logo, colored white, blue, et cetera, but they’re rather situational.