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RBK is a brand of high-end sportswear by Reebok. The brand produces uniform for NFL and NBA teams as well as international football and cricket teams apparel. It was launched in 2009 and is a reflection of luxury segment of the famous sportswear company.

Meaning and history

The RBK logo is an elegant and luxurious version of the Reebok icon. Being a high-end brand line of the famous sportswear company, RBK was created to stand out.

The logo features a wordmark and the emblem on its right. The emblem features an iconic Reebok symbol, enclosed in a rectangular frame with rounded angles. It is small and delicate, which reflects finesse and sophistication of the label.

Logo RBK

The wordmark is executed in a custom font with strict and confident futuristic lines of the letters. An opened letter “R” is perfectly balanced by a bold and wide “B”, while the last “K” adds energy and dynamics to the nameplate.

The silver gray and black color palette of the logo is stylish and innovative, showing the brand as progressive and confident in its future.

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