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Old Navy is an affordable fashion label from the USA, managed by GAP. The brand has its retail stores across the globe but is extremely popular in America and Mexico.

Meaning and history

Old Navy Logo history

1994 – 2005

Old Navy Logo 1994

The brand Old Navy was established in 1994 and got its name after the famous Parisian cafe. The brand’s visual identity is minimalist yet bright, due to the use of intense color contrast.

2005 – 2009

Old Navy Logo 2005

The Old Navy logo is composed of a wordmark, placed inside a horizontally located oval.

The wordmark uses all capital letters and a bold geometric sans-serif typeface. The font is similar to Futura Condensed Bold, which was created by Paul Renner. It features strong and confident lines, which are clean and neat.

The white lettering of the wordmark looks bright and powerful on a navy-blue oval background. The same color palette is used by GAP, the company, which owns Old Navy.

This dark shade of blue is a symbol of confidence and stability, it also evokes a sense of trust and loyalty. While white adds a pure and light feeling.

The Old Navy logo is simple yet bold and memorable, the main accent here is on the color contrast, yet the oval shape makes it stand out from the list of other fashion brands.

2009 — Today

Old Navy logo