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Radius is the American brand of toothbrushes, which was established I. The 1980s in New York. Today the company produces a wide range of oral care products, but their toothbrushes are still the most famous and iconic item in the brand’s collection.

Meaning and history

Everything in the Radius visual identity is about style and luxury. Its logo has a very laconic and simple composition, and its color palette consists of only two shades, but the lines, the contrast and the mood of the whole logo is just wow.

The emblem of the American brand is composed of a scarlet-red square with white lettering along its bottom edge. The inscription is set in all capitals and executed in an elegant sans-serif typeface, which is very similar to Ahoura Bold with its sleek smooth lines of different thickness.

Radius (toothbrush) Logo

The white color of the letters changes to red when placed on the products and some printed materials. The red and white color palette is a representation of passion and power, along with the brand’s trustworthiness and loyalty.

The simplicity of the Radius logo is a symbol of quality and style, adding elegance and a feeling of expertise and authority to the company’s products. This is a timeless example of a minimalist visual identity that speaks for itself, and the brightness of colors here works more like an emphasis on progressiveness and a fundamental approach to what the brand does, also showing its value of design and beauty in details.