Syracuse Crunch Logo

Syracuse Crunch Logo

The Syracuse Crunch team is the American Hockey League affiliate of the professional team Tampa Bay Lightning, which belongs to the National Hockey League.

Meaning and history

Syracuse Crunch Logo history

The “Superman” theme made its debut in the team’s first logo adopted in 1994. Here, the Superman (or the Superplayer, to be precise) had a yellow and purple costume with a dark green “S.” From 1999 to 2012, an entirely different logo with an unidentifiable crazy creature was used.

The team eventually returned to the superhero concept in 2012, although now it looked different, a bit less straightforward than on the original Syracuse Crunch logo.


Colors Syracuse Crunch Logo

The official palette, which looks very discreet, is comprised of four colors: blue, white, silver, and black. Black appears on uniforms only, not the logo. Because of the choice of colors, the logo looks muted and noble.