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Qatar Airways Company Q.C.S.C. has its headquarters in Doha. The flag carrier of Qatar belongs to the state. Taking this into consideration, you will not be surprised by the fact that the Qatar Airways logo uses national symbols.

Meaning and history

Qatar Airways Logo history

1993 – 1997

Qatar Airways Logo 1993

The logotype this company used at the start was a depiction of the company’s mascot, the Arabian Oryx. Its head was incorporated into a circle. Both the circle and the head had a uniform dark red color palette, which stayed with the brand into the future. The background for the whole logotype was colored white. 

1997 – 2006

Qatar Airways Logo-1997
The initial badge of Qatar Airways was created in 1997 and stayed with the company for nine years. The color palette and main symbolism of the visual identity did not differ from the ones we all can see on the current logo of the air carrier. The burgundy and gray scheme, delicate and elegant lettering set in one line under the graphical emblem with the company’s mascot and symbol of speed, the Arabian Oryx, drawn in profile on a gray and white circle.

2006 – Today

Qatar Airways logo

For instance, the creature depicted in the emblem is Arabian oryx, the national animal of Qatar. While it is an unusual choice for an airline (airlines typically opt for birds), it is a good way to symbolize speed.

While the color dominating the design is not exactly the one used in the National Flag of Qatar, it looks rather close.

However, the design itself is unique due to the choice of type and the way the oryx is depicted.

Font and color

The main part of the air carrier logotype is taken by the “Qatar” lettering in the uppercase, written in burgundy in a classy typeface, which looks very similar to Optima Pro Demi Bold or Jalal Light. Under the main part of the inscription, there is an “Airways” tagline, which is set in the smaller letters, in the same typeface, but in a light gray color. The gray line of the logotype is accompanied by the name of the company in Arabic, written in burgundy.

The sophisticated and rich color palette of the Qatar Airways visual identity stands for excellence and professionalism. It evokes a sense of trustworthiness, safety, and high quality of services, which the company aims to provide its customers with.