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The flag carrier airline of India, Air India is headquartered in the country’s capital city, New Delhi. The company belongs to Air India Limited, which, in its turn, is government-owned. Air India serves slightly more than 100 destinations.Air India Logo history

1932 – 1946

Air India Logo 1932

The initial logo was adopted, when the company was still Tata Air Lines. Back then, the logo was a simple line of black text that said these words in thin, leaned letters – all uppercase and sans-serif.

1946  – 2007

Air India Logo 1946

While Air India was officially established in 1946, its roots can be traced back to at least fourteen years earlier, to a company named Tata Air Lines. It was established by businessman J.R.D. Tata. The original name was replaced by the current one in 1946. It was then that the airline got its prominent centaur emblem, which was used for about 60 years.
The centaur on the Air India logo was shooting an arrow in a circle, which symbolized the wheel of Konark (immense stone wheels from Konark Sun Temple).
Both the emblem and the lettering below were given in red over the white background.
According to the official history of the company, the centaur logo was chosen by the founder, J. R. D. Tata.

1946 – 1960

Air India Logo 1946

This logo was used alongside the main one for some time. It had ‘Air India’ written in a similar way, but with taller, darker letters. There was also a dash between them. Moreover, ‘International’ was written beneath the word in a thin, twisting signature of the same color. The letters here weren’t all uppercase, like with the top inscription.

1960 – 1970

Air India Logo 1960

For the 1960 logo, they removed the ‘International’ bit from underneath the main portion. Instead, they placed there a much smaller, black inscription. It said the same thing as above, but in Hindi.

1971 – 1972

Air India Logo 1971

This design used the same emblem as the main logo. They placed in a reduced form on the logotype’s left side. The right was occupied by the names. This time, they wrote them at the same size and width. Moreover, the styles were rather similar to each other and to the one used in the 1946-2007 logo. This time, the Hindi writing was on the top, and the English version – below it. They also added little dots between the words in each version in the place of regular dash lines.

1972 – 1989

Air India Logo 1972

They rearranged the elements in the 1972 version by putting the native writing on the left, the English writing on the right and the emblem between them. The coloring in all was also visibly darkened.

1990 – 1991

Air India Logo 1990

The 1990 logo has both name versions written side-by-side again, but the style became smoother and simpler. The characters turned straight and less angular, while they also got rid of the dashes of any sort. The emblem was removed, as well. Instead of it, they placed a tilted red stripe on the right of all these letters in the shape of the plane’s stabilizer. On it, a bronze sun was placed inside a ring of the same color.

1992 – 2007

Air India Logo 1992

The 1992 logo largely returned to the design, adopted in 1972. The colors were slightly changed, and that’s it.

2007 – Today

Air India Logo 2007

The introduction of the new design followed the merger with the short-haul flag carrier Indian Airlines in 2007.
Ever since, the air carrier has been using the livery combining a Flying Swan and the wheel of Konark. This time, the wheel is smaller and is placed inside the swan’s wing.
While the overall style of the typeface has remained the same, the letters have grown somewhat heavier. There is now less breathing space between them.

2014 – Today

Air India logo

When the company became part of the Star Alliance at the end of the summer of 2014, its logo was slightly updated. The lettering “A Star Alliance Member” and the circular emblem appeared under the main Air India logo.