Logo Logo PNG is a renowned airline operating in the United Kingdom. Established in 2002, it offers scheduled and charter flights to various destinations across Europe. The company is owned by Dart Group PLC. operates from its main base at Leeds Bradford Airport and has additional operating bases at Manchester, Birmingham, Edinburgh, and other UK airports. With its commitment to customer service and affordable fares, has become a popular choice for leisure travelers seeking reliable and cost-effective air travel options.

Meaning and history Logo history is a British low-cost airline that operates scheduled flights to various leisure destinations. Established in 2002, the airline is part of the Jet2 plc group, which includes Jet2holidays and Jet2CityBreaks. focuses on providing affordable flights to popular holiday spots across Europe, such as Spain, Greece, and Portugal. The airline is known for its friendly service, punctuality, and customer-focused approach. With its modern fleet and extensive route network, offers a convenient travel option for holidaymakers seeking value for money. The airline continues to expand its operations and maintain a strong presence in the leisure travel market.

What is is a British low-cost airline that operates both scheduled and chartered flights. It offers a wide range of destinations across Europe and provides affordable travel options for leisure and holiday travelers. Known for its customer-friendly approach, focuses on delivering a high-quality flying experience with excellent service and competitive fares.

2003 – 2004 Logo 2003
The first Jet2Com logo was created in 2003, and has only stayed with the air carrier for several months, yet became a basis for future redesign. It was a stylized “Jet2” inscription in red and gray, with a small white airplane drawn on top of the vertical bar of “J”, and a triangular cut-out on the tail of the gray “2”. The logo was very simple, yet looked bright and modern.

2004 – now Logo
The redesign of 2004 has extended the lettering on the logo to “Jet2 . Com” and removed the light gray shade from the composition. Now it is a solid red inscription set against a plain white background and decorated by a small white plane on the capital letter “J”. The badge looks pretty well-balanced and bright.