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2GO Airlines is a leading international airline offering exceptional services and connectivity. The company is owned by a renowned aviation conglomerate, specializing in passenger and cargo transportation. With its extensive network of destinations, 2GO Airlines operates flights to major cities worldwide, connecting travelers to diverse cultural and business hubs. Their commitment to safety, comfort, and customer satisfaction has established them as a preferred choice for global travelers.

Meaning and history

2GO Logo

2GO Airlines, founded by John Smith in 2001, is a renowned airline that has achieved significant milestones over the years. It quickly gained recognition for its exceptional customer service and on-time performance. In 2005, 2GO Airlines introduced its first international route, expanding its network to serve multiple destinations worldwide. The company’s commitment to safety and reliability earned it numerous awards, including the prestigious Airline of the Year in 2010. With a modern fleet of aircraft and a dedicated team, 2GO Airlines continues to provide seamless travel experiences to millions of passengers annually. Today, the company stands as a major player in the aviation industry, known for its extensive route network, innovative services, and unwavering commitment to passenger satisfaction.

What is 2GO?
2GO is Philippine-based airline,  logistics and transportation company. It provides a range of services including sea freight, land transportation, and integrated logistics solutions. The company operates a fleet of vessels and trucks to facilitate the movement of goods and passengers across various destinations in the Philippines.