Qantas Logo

Qantas Logo
The Kangaroo that was used in the very first Qantas logo was inspired by the image on the Australian one penny coin. In 1944 Qantas decided to depict the kangaroo on its Liberator aircraft, which was hardly a surprise, taking into consideration that the company’s Indian Ocean passage was called the Kangaroo Service. In 1947 the kangaroo received the wings, thanks to designer Gert Sellheim. The following logo updates took place in 1984, 1995, and 2007.

Logo history: 1968-present

Qantas Logo history

In 1968, the winged kangaroo was placed inside a red circle, while the globe below disappeared. From this version on, the kangaroo has always faced to the right – the fact that symbolizes moving forward and welcoming the future. Below the emblem, the company name in bold was given.
In 1984, the kangaroo lost its wings and was placed inside a red triangle. The word “Quantas” could be placed either to the right or below the triangle. In 2007, both the animal and the text were tweaked by Hulsbosch. As the result of the 2016 redesign, the logo became 3-dimensional.

Logo Qantas