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AeroSur is an airline company known for its exceptional services in the aviation industry today. With a focus on customer satisfaction, it is committed to providing a unique travel experience. The company is privately owned and operated by a group of experienced aviation professionals. AeroSur operates flights to numerous destinations worldwide, connecting passengers to major cities and popular tourist destinations. With its modern fleet and dedicated staff, AeroSur ensures a safe and comfortable journey for its passengers.

Meaning and history

AeroSur Logo

AeroSur, an airline company founded by Humberto Roca in 1992, has established a notable presence in the aviation industry. Throughout its history, AeroSur has achieved significant milestones. The company quickly expanded its fleet and route network, becoming one of Bolivia’s largest carriers. AeroSur also gained recognition for its exceptional customer service and on-time performance, earning several awards and accolades. However, in recent years, AeroSur faced financial challenges and operational difficulties, leading to its suspension of operations in 2012. Despite efforts to revive the airline, AeroSur has not been able to resume its services to date. The company’s current status remains uncertain, leaving a void in Bolivia’s aviation landscape.

What is AeroSur?
AeroSur was a Bolivian airline that operated from 1992 to 2012. It was one of the largest and most prominent airlines in Bolivia, offering domestic and international flights. However, the airline faced financial difficulties and eventually ceased operations in 2012 due to mounting debts and operational challenges.

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