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Qarabağ Is the name of a football club from Azerbaijan, which was established in 1951 and is considered to be one of the most famous in the country. Today the champion club of the Azerbaijan Premier League is owned by Azersun Holding and has Gurban Girbanov and Elchin Rahmanov as the head coaches.

Meaning and history

Qarabağ logo

The visual identity of the football club from Azerbaijan is very elegant and chic. Composed of a classic triangular shield with arched sides and “crown-like” top, it resembles of royal crests, and it’s the color palette and depicted symbols only elevate this feeling.

The white crest of the club is outlined in royal blue and calm orange, two main colors of the Qarabag visual identity. Above the top point of the crest, there is a five-pointed Star, executed in the same shade of orange.

In the middle of the badge, there is an orange circle with a blue and white football on it. From both sides of the circle, there are two blue hordes placed standing on their back legs. The horses’ silhouettes in solid blue look sophisticated and sleek.

The wordmark is written in white and placed around the orange perimeter of the circle, with “1987” on top and “Qarabag FK” on the bottom. Above the circle, there is an elegant crown with five peaks, and under — numerous five-pointed stars in different sizes.

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