Burnley logo

Burnley logo

The English professional football club Burnley bears the name of the town where it is based. Its history dates back to 1882. Since then it has experienced ups and downs, but each time it manages to survive. When we say “Burnley logo” we mean their emblem which is sometimes referred to as a badge or a crest.

Meaning and history

Burnley Logo History

The history of Burnley FC logo started in 1886. That year Prince Albert came to the stadium Turf Moor to watch the match between Burnley and Bolton. It is unclear why the monarch didn’t stay to watch the second half. Still, some time later the team got presents ‒ jerseys with the Prince of Wales’ coat of arms.

Due to that visit the team got the nickname “the Royalites”, though it did not last long. The nickname “the Clarets” stuck to them in connection with the claret colour of their shirts added to their colour palette in 1911.

What concerns the royal crest, it was used as the club emblem till 1895.

Original Symbol

Burnley symbol

As their first emblem Burnley took the town’s coat of arms and modified it. As it is customary with coats of arms and crests, Burnley FC logo is a collection of local references and animals, notably:

  • the wavy line in blue colour means the river Brun;
  • the wheat says that Burnley used to be a rural district;
  • the hand embodies the town’s motto that is “Hold to the Truth”;
  • the lion is a traditional heraldic symbol often used in coats of arms, on Burnley logo it stands for royalty to commemorate Prince Albert’s visit;
  • the stork on a hill in the cotton field has to do with a prominent local family, the Starkies, while the cotton plants remind us of the importance of cotton industry in Burnley.

Later the club experimented with simple script emblems, just to keep up with the times.

Current Emblem

Burnley emblem

Today’s insignia has been in use since the 1970s. All the elements are significant to the club and to the town:

  • 1882, the year of Burnley Football Club foundation;
  • the bee saying that Burnley is a busy town;
  • the lions symbolizing royalty as they have always done;
  • the knight’s helmet reminding of the fact that two knighted families used to dominate the area;
  • the shuttle emphasizing the importance of cotton industry in Burnley;
  • the hand associated with the towns’ motto.

The crest retains the blue line with one alteration ‒ “Burnley Football Club” is written on it.

Among all sport logos, modern and traditional, Burnley’s looks the strangest, yet, beguiling.

burnley fc logo