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Portland Timbers Logo

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Portland Timbers is the name of a football club from the United States, which was established in 2009 in Oregon. Today the club also knows as “The Timbers”, is owned by Peregrine Sports company and has Giovanni Savarese as the head coach.

Meaning and history

Portland Timbers Logo history

The visual identity of the Oregon football club has always been very consistent. Its logo, introduced in 2010, has been kept almost untouched, and the main symbol and color palette of Portland Timbers are instantly recognizable not only in the United States but all over the world.

2001 – 2004

Portland Timbers Logo 2001

2005 – 2010

Portland Timbers Logo 2005


Portland Timbers 2010
The original emblem for the football club was introduced in 2010. It was a solid green rounded badge with a yellow outline and a white and yellow ax, placed over it vertically. There were six diagonal lines coming from the axe to the sides of the badge.

The “Portland Timbers” wordmark in white and yellow was placed in two levels on the bottom part of the circle, crossing the axe’s handle.

2010 — Today

Portland Timbers 2010
Later in 2010 the badge was cleaned and refined and became official. The green background gained a darker shade, and the ax became flat white, with no yellow detailed, a modern and minimalist image.

The green, yellow and white color palette of the Portland Timbers’ visual identity symbolizes growth, energy, and loyalty of the club. It is also a celebration of the Or-egon state with its amazing nature and woods.

The logo was used in several versions — one of them was monochrome, another had no wordmark in it, why however the club used it, or wherever it was placed, it was remarkable and recognizable.


Portland Timbers Logo 2011


Portland Timbers Logo 2016

2018 — Today

Portland Timbers logo

In 2018 the club goes laconic and removes the wordmark from their badge. Now the Portland Timber’s logo is just a dark green circle with a white axe, vertically placed in its center. The circle has a double dark-gold and green outline, which is balanced by six gold diagonal lines, coming from the axe to the framing of the emblem, three from each side.

It is a minimalist yet very masculine emblem, which shows the strong and serious character of the team, pointing on their motivation, determination, and willingness to fight and win.

Portland Timbers Colors

HEX COLOR: #00482B;
RGB: (0, 72, 43)
CMYK: (100, 14, 99, 65)

RGB: (201, 151, 0)
CMYK: (6, 27, 100, 12)