After Effects Logo

After Effects Logo

After Effects is a motion-graphic program created by Adobe. It is used to make visual effects in films, tv, and animation. After Effects is one of the most popular visual-effect software.

Meaning and history

The corporate visual identity concept of Adobe is the core of the After Effects logo.

The square emblem is framed in a light purple and featured a dark violet background. The lettering “Ae”, which stands both for “After Effects” and “Adobe” uses the same color as the frame.

The clean and neat sans-serif typeface of the logo makes it look simple and laconic, yet bright and confident.

After Effects Logo

The two-tones of purple color combination is unique and uncommon for visual identity design. Purple usually symbolizes mystery and spirituality, but on its own, it is a very strong and eye-catching color, which evokes a sense of creative approach and loyalty.

The After Effects logo is minimalist and modest, as all the Adobe logos, but instantly recognizable. The brand aims to provide its users with the best features and possibilities of the motion effect software, without distracting on ornaments and curves of the emblem. It just does its work and does it brilliantly.