PostgreSQL Logo

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PostgreSQL is database software, which was developed in 1996 for macOS. Postgres is an advanced version of SQL with various modified functions. It is used by many global corporations and is considered to be the most popular and advanced program in its segment.

Meaning and history

The famous PostgreSQL emblem is memorable and unique. Based on an image of the animal’s head, the software’s logo makes the brand stand out among its competitors.

PostgreSQL Emblem

The PostgreSQL emblem is an elephant’s head. Known as “Slonik”, which translates from Russian as “a little elephant”, it looks maiden and solid.

The elephant is drawn in a calm blue color with white detail and a black outline. The emblem evokes a sense of reliability and stability, it looks balanced and strong.

Elephants are known for their amazing memory, that’s why the company chose this animal as their mascot. The company projected the two most common phrases “elephants never forget” and “elephants can remember” on their product — a database software.

PostgreSQL Logo

The PostgreSQL logo is unique and instantly recognizable. The calm color of the company’s visual identity palette shows the brand as professional and reliable, while the animalistic symbol is a reflection of the software’s purpose and functions. The logo is harmonized in terms of meaning and its graphical representation and evokes a sense of loyalty and trust.