Bertolli Logo

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Bertolli Logo
Bertolli is an Italian food brand. The company was established in 1985 in Tuscany as an olive-oil manufacturer. Today there are various sauces and canned meals produced under the Bertolli label and distributed across the globe.

Meaning and history

Bertolli Logo history

Bertolli’s visual identity is luxury and authentic, a great reflection of the company’s heritage and quality.
The Bertolli logo is composed of a horizontally located badge with a wordmark on it and a coat of arms above. The bright red and gold color palette of the emblem symbolizes the power and passion of the company, as well as its energy and progress. Gold adds a value of legacy and history, making the logo look elegant and sleek.
The white lettering of the wordmark is executed in a bold classic typeface with straight clean lines. Executed in all capital letters, the inscription features an enlarged letter “B” and a black shadow of all the lettering.
Bertolli Logo
The tagline “Dal 1865” is located under the wordmark and written in a thin sans serif typeface using gold color, which balanced the golden oval frame of the logo and the coat of arms crown.
The Bertolli coat of arms, located inside a laurel wreath, features an image of the golden eagle on it. The Bertolli Eagle is a symbol of strength and unity and has been with the brand during its whole history.