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Lee Cooper is a British fashion brand headquartered in London. It makes clothing and footwear and specializes in denim products.

Meaning and history

The brand was established in 1908 as a workwear production company named The Morris Cooper Factory. The earliest print ads do not feature a distinctive logo.


Lee Cooper 1950
In the 1930s, the brand started to focus on denim jackets and trousers. After WWII, it began to reinvent jeans as fashion. A print ad published in 1956 already features a Lee Cooper logo looking almost exactly like the current one.
There is the name of the marque in a casual type which imitated handwriting. The most distinctive features are probably the extremely bold strokes starting the “L” and “C.” Even the red color is already there – just a slightly different shade.


Lee Cooper 1980

The iconic wordmark is placed inside a red rhombus. Both the lettering and the rhombus have the trim in black and white.


Lee Cooper logo

The trim disappears leaving a more minimalist design. The writing “Since 1908” appears below. The color of the rhombus grows a little lighter and brighter.

Current version

Today, the Lee Cooper logo still looks pretty much like that of the 1990s, with a tiny shift in the shade of the red. In addition to the rhombus version, there is also a simpler one where the name of the brand is red on the white background.
Depending on the collection, the design may vary. Although the lettering can be set in a simpler type, the red rhombus is typically still there.