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Pepe Jeans London is the name of a denim fashion brand, which was established in 1973 in Great Britain. The company specializes in the production of fashion collections for men, women, and kids. Today, one of the most famous denim and casual wear manufacturer in the world is based in Sant Feliu de Llobregat, Spain.

Meaning and history

Pepe Jeans, a youth clothing fashion brand, appeared in 1973 in London. Created by brothers Shah, whose idea was to build the number one denim label in the work, Pepe Jeans gained a huge success among the young audience, due to its fancy design and affordable pricing policy.
The mission of Pepe Jeans London is to create the best jeans in the world, aimed at youth fashion. In all the models made under the brand Pepe Jeans London the emphasis is laid on the high quality of the materials used, the perfection of the cut and finishing, attention to detail, and consumer benefits. The brand is represented by several major collections, each of which reflects the concept of fashionable casual wear.
Today Pepe Jeans London produces not only women’s, men’s, and children’s denim clothing collections, but also a wide range of shoes and accessories for the whole family.

What are Pepe Jeans?
Pepe Jeans is a British brand, and manufacturer of clothes, shoes, and accessories. The brand is a family company, founded in 1973 by the Shah brothers. The main direction of the company is the production of denim products.

In terms of visual identity, the British casual wear brand has been loyal to its logo for many years by now. Using the handwritten logotype with a modern and clean tagline in a monochrome color palette, Pepe Jeans shows the value of the roots and traditions.

???? – Today

Pepe Jeans Logo

The current Pepe Jeans logo features the name of the brand in a beautiful script. While it looks like handwriting, the shapes are very stylish and have something calligraphic about them. The design combines elegance and casual style. The word “London” below is given in a generic sans serif type.
You can also come across an earlier version. While it also featured a handwritten type, the design was slightly different. There were sharper angles. The line had an upward direction.
In the 80s, a different wordmark was used. There was only the word “PEPE,” which was given in a totally different style. The glyphs had gaps between them, while their tops looked like triangular flags.

Font and color

The cursive “Pepe Jeans” inscription from the primary badge of the British fashion brand is set in the title case of a handwritten cursive typeface with rounded contours of the letters and medium-thick lines. Even though the font of the wordmark was exclusively designed for the denim manufacturer, it has some resemblance to the Kavaler Kursive typeface. As for the “London” tagline, it is set in the uppercase of a modern and clean sans-serif typeface, which looks very similar to Integral CF and Sloan Extra Bold fonts.
As for the color palette of the Pepe Jeans London visual identity, it is based on the timeless classic combination of black and white, but the badge of the denim fashion brand can more often be seen with the white lettering written over a black background, which makes it look powerful and stand out in the list of its competitors.

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