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Mizuno USA is an online sportswear retailer, which was founded in 1980 by Mizuno Corp. the website offers a wide range of footwear and apparel for almost all the sport disciplines. The USA based company only delivers nationwide.

Meaning and history

Mizuno USA Logo history

The visual identity of the American apparel retailer is remarkable and instantly recognizable. Its logo is composed of an emblem and a wordmark under it.

The first version of the emblem had wider stripes and the letter “M” on its body, and the current version was designed in 1993, gaining progressive and sleek look.

1961 – now

Mizuno USA Logo 1961

1993 – now

Mizuno USA Logo

The current logo boasts an abstract image, resembling a bird, which is composed of three thick curved lines. It got the name “RunBird” and perfectly reflects the essence of the company: dynamism, flexibility, and energy.

The inscription is placed under the emblem and complements it, making it look more futuristic and fancy.


The wordmark of the retailer is executed in a bold custom sans-serif typeface, which is probably based on the FF trademark, but with letters connected and “M” completely modernized.

The first letter of the nameplate is composed of two parallel lines, curving to the right and a triangle as the right a vertical bar, with its lover angle rounded. The symbol evokes a sense of speed and progress, adding dynamics to the whole image.


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The highest Japanese quality and design can be seen in every product of the brand, available on their online retail platform. Best known for its baseball equipment, Mizuno offers a wide range of sportswear and shoes.

The catalog of the retailer includes such categories as running, golf, baseball, softball, volleyball, training, tennis, swimming, and soccer. And each category has hundreds of items for both men and women. Apparel and sneakers, hats, socks, and accessories — this website is a one-stop destination for sports goods.

Working on the North American market, the e-commerce platform offers fast nationwide delivery with flexible rates, a safe payment system, accepting all the possible credit cards and a perfect 24/7 customer support service.