Princeton Tigers Logo

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The current athletic logo of Princeton University manages to introduce the tiger theme without actually depicting a tiger.

Meaning and history

Princeton Tigers logo history

1904 – 1964

Princeton Tigers Logo-1904

The old Princeton Tigers logo (1904-1964) featured the letter “P” in a slab serif font. Although it combined orange and black, the tiger colors, it was not an obvious indication on the animal. As a result, we cannot say it was a very meaningful logo.

1964 – 1983

Princeton Tigers Logo-1964

The following emblem (1964-1983) depicted a leaping tiger. While this time, the tiger theme was apparent, the design was too cluttered and detailed for a modern athletic logo.

1984 – Today

Princeton Tigers Logo

Eventually, in 1984, the university combined the large “P” and the tiger pattern to create an emblem that is both meaningful and clean.