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Daikin Industries, Ltd. is an air conditioning manufacturer based in Osaka, Japan. It was established in 1924.

Meaning and history

Daikin Logo history

1963 – 2004

Daikin Logo 1953

While the old Daikin logo also featured the wordmark in blue and a triangle-based emblem, there were quite a few notable differences. The type was much lighter. The blue part of the emblem did not merge with the black part – they did not form a single triangle but were rather a combination of two separate shapes.

2004 – Today

Daikin LogoThe current Daikin logo has at least two versions. One of them is dominated by the lettering “Daikin,” while on the other, the pictorial part takes up the majority of the space.

Let’s start with the first version, which can be seen on the company’s official website. Here, the word “Daikin” is larger than the triangle. The type is dynamic due to the italics. And yet, the letters are pretty bold, which adds some weight. The light blue color conjures up the sky and fresh air, which is an excellent association for an HVAC manufacturer.

The pictorial part of the emblem can be seen to the left. It features a triangle with the black top and light blue bottom.

Daikin Logo

In the second version, the triangle is larger than the lettering. The triangle occupies the central part of the design, while the word “Daikin” in smaller glyphs can be seen above.