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AOC is a Taiwanese brand of computer monitors designer and manufacturer, which was founded in 1934 in the USA. Today it is a global leadening company in monitor display technology and its products are being sold in 115 countries across the world.

Meaning and history

AOC is an abbreviation for Admiral Overseas Corporation. It was the name, given to the brand by its founder, Ross Siragusa. The company was renamed to AOC International in 1978 and in 1982 the AOC brand was registered worldwide.

The AOC logo is stylish and minimalist, as the brand’s products. The masculine monochrome palette of the logo symbolizes strength and stability of the company, while adding elegance and modernity to it.

Logo AOC

The bold contemporary typeface with no extra details and clear lines show the brand as confident and serious. The letter “A” without horizontal bar looks sleek and evokes a sense or luxury and high-end brand.

The APC logo is authoritative and powerful, thick black lettering in all-caps shows the brand’s professionalism and timelessness.

It is a perfect example of a strict and simple contemporary design, which is recognizable and eye-catching.