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The trademark Plextor was designed for the products of the Division of electronic and printing equipment of the Japanese corporation Plextor Inc., a subsidiary company of Shinano Kenshi Co., Ltd., one of the pioneers of precision electric motor production in Japan.  The Plextor brand was introduced in 1993; before that, since 1989 it had been known as TEXEL related to the first CD-ROM optical disc drive. The intrigue lies in the fact that this brand in 2010 was licensed to a subsidiary of Lite-On Technology Corporation with headquarters in Taipei and since then is considered a Taiwanese brand, while Plextor Inc. uses the trademarks PLEXTALK and PLEXLOGGER for its products.

Meaning and history

The logotype currently used for the brand “Plextor” was developed in 1985 and there have not been introduced any modifications since that time. The logo of the brand is formed by the name of the company written in block letters and an emblem situated to the right of the inscription. The emblem is a stylized large letter “P”. It has a very short stem and a disproportionately large bowl in the form of a regular circle. Inside the circle, in its upper-right part, there are three strips in the form of a Crescent. These strips give the letter a 3D appearance and create the illusion of great depth, like a hollow pipe going into the distance.

Logo Plextor

On the left and bottom side, the letter is inscribed in a square, from which only two stripes are visible: the left and the bottom ones. The colour palette of the emblem includes a natural deep green colour, in which the letter “P” is written; blue for the background square and crescents inside the bowl of the letter, and finally, the white background colour inside the bowl of the letter.

There are several variations of the Plextor logo which are used depending on the colour of the hardware on which the logo is fixed. One variation has a white brand name on a rose-red background. The second one uses black colour for the letters of the wordmark and the emblem with a silver background. There is also a version of the logo with white letters and white emblem on a cobalt blue background.