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Mustek is a company that specializes in imaging solutions and computer peripherals. It was founded by Hsien-Cheng Yeh in 1988. Mustek operates globally, providing a wide range of products such as scanners, digital cameras, and projectors. With a focus on innovation and customer satisfaction, Mustek continues to deliver high-quality technology solutions to businesses and individuals worldwide.

Meaning and history

Mustek logo
The brand’s name, Mustek, is an abbreviation for Most Unique Sensible Technology and its motto is “Digital Life, Live It”. And the brand’s logo fully reflects both the meaning of its name and its motto.

The Mustek logo is a green-framed rectangle with a wordmark in dark gray color and the letter “M” in white enclosed in a solid green square. Green color is a symbol of life, harmony and simplicity, while gray adds a sense of high-quality products and technologies.

The strict geometry of the Mustek logo shows the brand’s confidence and reliability. The rectangle is also associated with stability and trust.

What is Mustek?
Mustek is a technology company specializing in the manufacturing and distribution of imaging and scanning solutions. They provide a wide range of products such as scanners, digital cameras, and document scanners, catering to both consumer and professional markets.