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MikroTik is a European manufacturer of routers and wireless-network accessories, which was established in Latvia in 1996. Today the company distributes its products across the globe and has a yearly revenue of about 200 million EUR.

Meaning and history

MikroTik logo

The logo of the Latvian computer-related company is delicate and modest. Composed of a wordmark in monochrome, it is sometimes placed on a gradient banner, which has a three-dimensional feel, but more often it is just black lettering in a white background, in some cases — dark gray.

The MikroTik wordmark is written in two styles, with the “Mikro” in a lightweight italicized sans-serif with clean delicate lines, and “Tik” in a bold custom font with extra thick and solid shapes.

The only graphical element of the MikroTik visual identity is the two arched lines re-placing the dot above the letter “I”, they are arched to the bottom and look like an antenna signal, representing the purpose of the company and its main product line — routers and receivers.

The black and white color palette of the brand’s visual identity adds a sense of pro-fessionalism and expertise, showing that for the company the quality of its product is the most important thing. The simple logotype, diluted by some bold and interesting element, is memorable and timeless due to the modesty and traditional approach to colors, and an experimental approach to shapes.

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