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Planet Express is the name of a delivery company from the Futurama animated tv-series. The company, established in 2961, ships packages between the planets. Almost all main characters of the tv-show are a part of the company’s crew.

Meaning and history

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Planet Express logo

The Planet Express visual identity looks pretty professional, despite the fact it is a cartoon fictional organization.

The planet Express logo is composed of a circle with a double outline, which contains a wordmark, placed around its perimeter. The light blue rocket is flying out of the inner part of the emblem and moving upright.

The Planet Express wordmark in all capitals is executed in a bold sans-serif typeface with strong distinct lines, which look bright and solid in black color on a light yellow background.

The dark red color of the emblem’s inner part is balanced by a light blue of the rocket, which has three black lines coming out of its tail, reflecting movement and speed.

The Planet Express logo is bright and modern, showing the fictional company’s purpose and functions, it looks cool and memorable.

In some versions, the rocket is drawn in different shades of green — from light to really dark ones. The darker the shade of green is, the brighter the red of the inner circle is used, in order to harmonize and balance the Planet Express badge.