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Pinko is a renowned Italian fashion brand founded by Pietro Negra. It offers contemporary clothing and accessories for men and women. With its headquarters in Fidenza, Italy, Pinko operates globally, captivating fashion enthusiasts worldwide with its distinctive style and innovative designs.

Meaning and history

Pinko Logo

The Pinko logo is absolutely minimalist. There is nothing but the five letters forming the name of the brand. The type is simple and utilitarian, yet the sharp arrow-shaped element on the “K” adds a distinctive edge.

The brand also uses a pictogram consisting of the letter “P” in white. The glyph is placed inside a black box. It looks the same as on the primary logo, apart from the color scheme.

What is Pinko?
Pinko is a fashion company known for its contemporary and edgy designs. It offers a range of clothing and accessories that blend bold aesthetics with high-quality materials, catering to individuals seeking a unique and fashion-forward style.



While the wordmark is black, the company often pairs is with pink on its official website. Pink is also a popular option for the alternative Pinko logo.