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Pierre Cardin is a French fashion designer, one of the legends of the industry, who established the label under his name in 1950. The brand is famous for creating clothing and perfume, spreading its activity to cosmetics, furniture and luxury stationery.

Meaning and history


Pierre cardin Logo history

Pierre Cardin is a fashion house with a rich history and heritage, and its logo was changed several times during the years. In the beginning, the brand used it’s designer’s signature for its visual identity, it was a recognizable and stylized handwriting in black.



Pierre Cardin logo old

Later the most famous emblem was created. Known as the “Escargot” logo, it is composed of a snail-like icon and a wordmark.

Logo Pierre Cardin

The emblem resembles the letter “P”, which forms “C” in negative space. It is futuristic and stylish, celebrating the brand’s roots and expertise in design.

The wordmark in all lower-case letters is executed in a simple font, which is close to Helvetica bold. It perfectly balanced the creativity of the emblem.


Pierre Cardin logo


The monochrome palette of the Pierre Cardin logo adds power and elegance to the brand, making it one of the timeless icons of the fashion history.

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