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The logo of the clothing brand Hanes has gone through numerous modifications throughout its more than 120-year history.

Hanes Slogan
  • Go Tagless

  • Her Way , Go tag-less

  • The lady prefers Hanes.

  • Gentlemen Prefer Hanes.

  • Look who we've got our Hanes on now.

Meaning and history

Hanes Logo history


Hanes Logo 1914

The original Hanes logo on the tag was based on a “flag” with gaps (or waves) along its borders. In the center, there was the word “Hanes.” While the color of the flag and the number of gaps have varied over the years, this theme has been used very often in the brand’s visual identity.


Hanes Logo 1940

The flag here is yellow and has a wavy outline. The word “Hanes” looks pretty large. The glyphs are elongated.


Hanes Logo 1950

Over the decade, the design has been modified not less than three times. While all the versions were based on a red flag, its look was not the same. For instance, you can come across a rather broad flag with “shallow” waves. There were also versions featuring a higher flag with a smaller word “Hanes.” There was some playing around with the weight of the typeface.

Logo Hanes


Hanes Logo 1960

In addition to the red flag tag, which looked very much like one of the previous versions, the company also used a black flag with the writing in white. Also, during this period, the company introduced a logo where the flag was more realistic and there was even a pole for it. This logo was developed for the HaneSport line.


Hanes Logo 1970

For the first time, the black flag with gold trim was used. Also, you could come across a version where the word “Hanes” was written diagonally. Here, it was given in a rather heavy type. Below, there was a red triangle, which appeared to be part of the red flag from the previous versions.

Also, during this decade, the company introduced a blue flag logo. Here, the word “Hanes” was white and looked very similar to the version featuring a black flag with gold trim.


Hanes Logo 1980

While the logo used during this period was inspired by the one with the red triangle, the writing “Hanes” was now positioned horizontally. Below, there was the name of the product or range in red and dark blue.

Logo1 Hanes


Hanes logo

While the updated logo is heavily based on the brand’s visual legacy, it also introduces a new approach, due to which the design looks livelier and more dynamic.

The red flag, which is the centerpiece of the design, was inspired by the flag featured on several old versions of the Hanes logo from the 1950s to 1960s. However, it is the first time that the flag has been rotated diagonally. This move creates a dynamic feel.

The type does not copy that of any of the previous logos – it is a rather light, traditional serif font. Only the initial is capitalized.