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The logo of Geox, an Italian brand of shoe and clothing, discovers its secrets when you take a closer look at it at larger sizes.

Meaning and history

Geox Logo history

The history of the Geox brand began in 1995. The company began with the production of children’s shoes, and gaining momentum came to create shoes for an adult audience. In 1999, the brand became not only a shoe brand but also started the production of clothing collections.

Company founder Mario Moretti Polegato was a winemaker. In 1992 he went to Reno, Nevada, USA on a family business. It was very hot, and Mario felt that his feet were very sweaty and burning because of the heat. That’s when he got the idea to put holes in the soles of his shoes to let his feet breathe. And so began the story of the shoe brand that is now known around the world.

The name Geox was invented by Mario Polegato himself, composed from the word “Geo”, which means Earth, land, and X — a symbol of the latest technology.

What is Geox?
Geox is the name of an Italian manufacturer of footwear and apparel using waterproof, breathable materials. Today the brand, founded in 1995, is familiar to customers all over the world and is synonymous with quality footwear for the most extreme weather conditions.


Geox Logo 1995

The history of the brand started in 1995. The company’s founder, Mario Polegato, decided to make up the name out of the Greek word “geo” (meaning “earth”) and the letter “x”, which, in his view, was to symbolize technology.

The original Geox logo had a pretty playful style. Despite its serious black-and-white color scheme, it featured letters with distorted shapes and proportions. Looking at the old logo, we can hardly perceive what the brand specializes in or what its core values are. However, the design was pretty distinctive and created a relaxed mood.


Geox logo

The updated logo had a completely different style. It was more serious, at first glance. Yet, if you took a closer look, you could feel there was also a smart and relaxed touch and something techy. Certainly, the type was distinctive. This distinctiveness resulted from smaller details, such as the difference in the width of the glyphs, which was hardly perceptible at larger sizes.

Current emblem

Logo Geox

The lettering “Respira” has been added to the main Geox logo. It emphasizes that the brand uses waterproof/breathable fabrics. The word “Respira” is connected with the Latin “respirationem” meaning “breathing, respiration.”

Font and Color

The heavy and stylish uppercase lettering from the official logo of Geox is executed in a modern and stable sans-serif typeface with the softened contours of the characters, drawn in thick lines. The closest fonts to the one, used in this insignia, are, probably, Widy Bold, or Neue Metana Semi Bold, but with the contours of the characters extended and softened, and the shape of the letter “G” completely modified.

As for the color palette of the Geox visual identity, it is based on a classy black and white combination, which shows the brand as a powerful and confident one, and evokes dish feelings of stability, excellence, and professionalism. The palette of the badge allows placing it on any possible background without losing its recognizability.