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Piedmont Airlines is a regional airline based in the United States. It specializes in providing passenger and cargo services to various destinations. The airline is owned by American Airlines Group and operates as a subsidiary. With its headquarters in Salisbury, Maryland, Piedmont Airlines operates flights to over 55 cities across the East Coast and Midwest regions of the country. It plays a vital role in connecting smaller communities with major hubs, ensuring convenient travel options for both business and leisure travelers. The company’s commitment to safety, reliability, and exceptional customer service has made it a trusted name in the aviation industry.

Meaning and history

Piedmont Airlines Logo history

Piedmont Airlines is an American airline that was founded in 1940 by Richard Henson and his brother, T. Higby Henson. It initially operated as a fixed-base operator and flight school in Hagerstown, Maryland.

Throughout its history, Piedmont Airlines achieved significant milestones. In the 1980s, it became a major carrier, expanding its operations and acquiring several other airlines. It played a crucial role in the development of regional airline service in the United States. Piedmont Airlines was known for its high-quality customer service and operational excellence, earning a strong reputation within the industry.

Currently, Piedmont Airlines operates as a wholly-owned subsidiary of American Airlines Group. It primarily serves as a regional carrier under the American Eagle brand, providing feeder services to American Airlines. With its fleet of regional aircraft, Piedmont Airlines continues to connect smaller communities to larger hubs, contributing to the overall air travel network in the United States.

What is Piedmont Airlines?
Piedmont Airlines is a regional airline based in the United States. It operates as a subsidiary of American Airlines and serves as a feeder airline, providing regional flights to various destinations across the country. With a history dating back to 1931, Piedmont Airlines has established itself as a reliable and reputable carrier, offering convenient connections to larger airports and contributing to the overall air transportation network.

1962 – 1974

Piedmont Airlines Logo 1962

The original logo of Piedmont Airlines was designed in 1962 and became a basis for all future redesigns. It was a blue and red composition with a roundel as the main shape. The bottom half of the medallion was colored in solid blue, with the white stylized lettering on it, while the top, white half, was separated from it by a stylized bird-like plane in red with an elongated wing, formed by three parallel lines with softened ends.

1974 – 1989

Piedmont Airlines Logo 1974

The redesign of 1974 modified the original logo of the air carrier, redrawing all elements and enhancing the color palette with darker shades. The new badge was composed of a blue plane image, set against a white background above the two-leveled red inscription in a stylized sans-serif typeface with slanted uppercase characters.

1989 – now

Piedmont Airlines Logo

In 1989 the colors of both elements got a bit smoother, and the “Airlines” tagline was removed from the composition. The new badge features a medium-blue image, depicting a stylized plane with a sharp wing, and slanted uppercase lettering in red, executed in a fancy modern font.

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