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The logo of the defunct Russian airline Sky Express («Небесный экспресс» in Russian) existed in two versions: an international logo and a version for the domestic market.

Meaning and history

Sky Express Logo history
Sky Express was the Russian pioneer in the segment of low-cost airlines. The company was established in 2006, and started its operations in 2007. Initially the route network of Sky Express included only domestic flights, in 2009 the company launched charter flights to Turkey, Egypt and other countries.
In 2010, it was the 15th largest carrier in Russia. One of the biggest problems of Sky Express were frequent flight delays, caused by the fact that the company bought the same type, but old aircraft Boeing 737.
On November 1, 2011, the Federal Air Transport Agency canceled the operator’s certificate for Sky Express due to the deterioration of production performance and financial and economic state of the company. Most of the fleet was transferred to Kuban Airlines, which also stopped flying in 2012.

What is Sky Express?
Sky Express is the name of an airline from Russia, established in mid-2006, and the first Russian low-cost carrier. Vnukovo was the airline’s base airport until the end of its operations. The company was closed in 2011, had 8 aircraft in its fleet and flew to 14 domestic destinations.

2006 – 2007

Sky Express Logo old

The design featured the name of the company in the same font, while the palette was more diverse: the letters were yellow, purple, blue, teal, and green.

2007 – 2011

Sky Express Intern Logo

The Sky Express logo featured the name of the brand in light gray. The letters were positioned very close to each other. The initials, the “S” and “E,” were larger and were shifted slightly below the regular level. While the majority of the glyphs looked pretty average, the “Y” and “E” were distinctive.

2007 – 2011

Sky Express Logo

In addition to the gray wordmark, you could see a zoomorphized aircraft and a banner with a tagline in Russian “Есть настроение!”

Font and Color

The bold and stable lettering from the last official logo of SkyExpress was set in a full-shapes sans-serif typeface with the slightly extended characters set in the title case. The closest fonts to the one, used in this insignia, are, probably, SK Clarke Regular, or Nevis a regular with the modified contour of the letter “Y”.

As for the color palette of the Sky Express visual identityC t was based on a bright and colorful scheme, composed of pink, yellow and blue, with gray and white accents. The palette made the badge look very friendly and welcoming and represented the company as progressive and young in its spirit.