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Aerosvit Airlines is an aviation company that provides passenger and cargo transportation services. It is owned by a group of private investors. The company operates both domestic and international flights, connecting various destinations worldwide. With a focus on customer satisfaction and safety, Aerosvit Airlines has established itself as a reliable and efficient airline in the industry.

Meaning and history

Aerosvit Airlines Logo

Aerosvit Airlines was founded by Ukrainian entrepreneur Ihor Kolomoyskyi in 1994. Since its establishment, the airline has achieved several milestones. It became Ukraine’s leading carrier in terms of passenger numbers and operated a diverse fleet of aircraft, including Boeing and Airbus models. Aerosvit Airlines gained recognition for its extensive domestic and international flight network, connecting major cities in Ukraine with destinations worldwide. The company prioritized passenger comfort and safety, offering a high level of service onboard. However, due to financial challenges and the impact of the global economic crisis, Aerosvit Airlines faced difficulties in recent years. It temporarily suspended operations in 2013 and has not resumed its full-scale activities since then. The current status of Aerosvit Airlines is uncertain, and it has been replaced by other carriers as Ukraine’s primary airline.

What is Aerosvit Airlines?
Aerosvit Airlines was a Ukrainian airline that operated from 1994 to 2013. It was one of the largest and most prominent carriers in Ukraine, offering both domestic and international flights. However, the airline faced financial difficulties and ultimately ceased operations in 2013.