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Azores Airlines, founded by the Government of the Azores, is the flagship airline of the Azores archipelago in Portugal. Established in 1941, it has a rich history of connecting the remote islands to mainland Europe and beyond. The airline has achieved significant milestones, including modernizing its fleet with the introduction of Airbus A321neo aircraft, enhancing passenger comfort and fuel efficiency. Azores Airlines has expanded its route network, offering connections to major cities in North America, Europe, and the Azores. Despite the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, the airline has adapted its operations and implemented health and safety measures to ensure passenger well-being. Azores Airlines remains committed to providing quality service, promoting tourism in the Azores, and maintaining its position as a vital transportation link for the region.

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What is Azores Airlines?
Azores Airlines is a Portuguese airline based in the Azores archipelago. It operates both domestic and international flights, connecting the islands of the Azores to various destinations in Europe, North America, and Africa. The airline offers a range of services to passengers, including scheduled flights, charter flights, and cargo transportation.

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