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Pertini is a Spanish shoemaking company, as well as a store. They produce a variety of typically Spanish footwear, which means leather boots with moderately refined designs and a good deal of pragmatic value. It’s a relatively minor brand with just a handful of distinct collection, although it keeps gaining attention in Europe.

Meaning and History

The brand was started in 1982 by Francisco Lopez, an experienced Spanish shoemaker. Since then, the focus of Pertini designers was on simple, reliable, yet elegant shoes and boots. Leather is the usual material. The name doesn’t derive from any actual language, but seems to vaguely resemble something from Italian.

1982 – today

Pertini logo

Since they start, they used the brand’s name as a logo. It depicted tall serif letters with lines of varying width. Basically, the horizontal bars are extremely thin, and the more vertically aligned bars are a normal bold appearance. Below, there’s also the ‘made in Spain’ sign that uses more uniform sans-serif characters in a much smaller size. These letters, however, are just as tall.

The preferred color is black for all these letters, although they turned it white when the background is too dark.

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