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Seafolly is the name of the Australian fashion brand. The history of Seafolly started on the beaches of Sydney, Australia, in 1975. The brand focuses on swimwear, beachwear, and activewear, which are best known for interesting colors and shapes.

Meaning and history

Seafolly Australia Logo history

World-famous Australian beachwear brand Seafolly has been producing stylish apparel and swimwear for quite a long time, since 1975. Today the company develops women’s and men’s collections, mixing textures, colors, prints, which in many ways is a distinctive feature of its design. The Seafolly garments are easy to distinguish from others.
The history of the brand began with the opening of a modest production in 1975 in Australia. Today Seafolly is the largest producer of swimwear on the mainland, with a domestic sales share of over 35%.
World fame was brought to the company by a video about the underwater migration of girls, who magically sneaked to the Australian coast from different reservoirs of the world.

What is Seafolly?
Seafolly is the Australian beachwear brand, which was formed in 1975, and since then has grown into an emblematic swimwear label, known and sold all over the globe. Apart from one-piece swimsuits and bikinis, the brand offers various beach dresses and other garments for women, a full-fledged men’s collection, and accessories.

In terms of visual identity, Seafolly is very laconic and simple. The badge is composed of a clean logotype, which is sometimes accompanied by a delicate tagline. The official color palette of Seafolly is black-on-white, but the wordmark can be placed on various backgrounds depending on the advertising materials and needs of the brand.

1975 – 2022

Seafolly Australia Logo 1975

While the company’s products can be rather elaborate, the Seafolly logo is pretty minimalist. The name of the brand is given in a plain sans. All the letters are capitalized and have a lot of breathing space in between, which creates a free and casual impression.

The typeface, used for the uppercase Seafolly logotype, is very close to such fonts as Futura Pro Bold or Mahlau SB Regular, with shortened horizontal bars and distinct cuts of the letter-lines. The minimalism of the shapes in the logotype looks great on the tags of the colorful brand’s bikinis with intricate fantasy prints.

The company also uses a monogram logo comprised of the letters “S” and “F” in the same sans as the main wordmark.

2022 – now

Seafolly Australia Logo