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Persol is an iconic Italian brand of sunglasses designer and manufacturer. The label was established in 1917 in Turin by Giuseppe Ratti. Persol is one of the oldest brands in its fashion segment. Today the brand is owned by Luxottica.

Meaning and history

The Persol logo is iconic in the fashion industry. The name of the brand is translated from Italian as “for sun” which is a perfect in its simplicity choice for the company.

The Persol logo is so posed of a vintage-style wordmark in a monochrome palette. No extra details, but a highly recognizable nameplate. When your name is a legend, you do not need to add any decor to it.

Logo Persol

The custom typeface of diagonally located wordmark is bold and elegant. Handwritten style of the lettering adds finesse and sophistication to the brand, while the thickness of its lines and black color celebrate the power, security and stability.

The remarkable letter “P” and the underline coming out of “L” are the most eye-catching elements of the brand’s visual identity.

Persol logo

The Persol logo is strong and timeless, as the brand itself. It is unique and symbolizes quality in everything from materials to design.