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The Marc Jacobs logo may look somewhat generic, yet this approach seems wise for a large brand that has a lot of plans for the future.

Meaning and history

Marc Jacobs logo history

You can hardly say there is something distinctive in the typeface used for the wordmark. It looks rather rounded and friendly, like hundreds of other typefaces. Also, it is perfectly legible. It is impossible to say anything about the fashion house and its style judging from the logotype.

It is not a bad thing, though.

All of us know that fashion is pretty changeable and trends follow one another rather fast. Things consumers want change over time. So, choosing a neutral logo can be an advantage for a brand that is open to endless style possibilities and to the consumers’ demands.

Interestingly, you may come across an older version of the emblem featuring a serif type. The reason why it was replaced seems obvious: modern-day design prefers simpler, more utilitarian sans serif fonts.


Marc Jacobs Logo

The type featured on the Marc Jacobs logo looks very much like the Engravers Gothic font. It has been slightly customized. The space between the letters is wider, while the letters are somewhat bolder than in the regular weight of this type. The lines do not reach the width of the Engravers Gothic Bold font, either.


Marc Jacobs

Similar to most other fashion brand logos, this one sticks to the black-and-white color scheme, which fits any background.

Emblem controversy

Marc Jacobs emblem

In early 2019, representatives of rock band Nirvana sued the designer for placing the iconic smiley face logo on his products. It was used on a T-shirt, a sweater, and socks from the reissued Bootleg Redux Grunge collection. The copyright infringement was not made by chance as the marketing campaign referenced a Nirvana’s song.