Black Panther Logo

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black panther logo
Black Panther is one of Marvel Comics’ superhero. The first stories about this character appeared in 1966. The creators have always paid a lot of attention to the design of the logo.

Meaning and history

Black Panther Logo history

The earlier version of Black Panther logo was created by designers from the lettering and design studio Comicraft. The intention was to make it look like graffiti as the scene was set in the streets of New York City.
It is a wordmark-based logo. The words are arranged in the way to emphasize the “PANTHER” and the taller letters “P” and “R”. The “BLACK” is above the “PANTHER” and within it, for a more compact shape. The letter “N” has a spiky pointed end to mimic the superhero’s claws and necklace. There are outline and shadow effects due to which the emblem looks like 3D.
black panther marvel logo
To get the typeface the designer combined the Wolverine letters with Victorian and Art Deco types and added lean and swoop to them.
This symbol of the Black Panther comic appeared on more than 40 issues. Many years later it was used again, only with inverted coloring, this time to announce a Black Panther movie.

Current Movie Logo

black panther emblem
The latest movie about Black Panther released in 2018 by Marvel Studios and Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures features a new logo that is the title font. Many designers characterize it as modern and minimalist.
The futuristic sans serif font of the Black Panther logo is called BEYNO. It was created by Fabian Korn, Creative Market shop owner. It is different from what people have got accustomed to.
While the original super-shiny movie logo reminds the classic logos from the comics, the new one has a punk-rock look. It is less shiny and colorful and better matches the main character and the setting.