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PayR is an online money platform, which was established in Mexico. The company connects European e-commerce businesses to customers in Latin America, providing them with perfect online payment solutions. The platform operates across almost 30 countries worldwide and has two international offices.

Meaning and history

The visual identity of the online money transfer services provider is elegant and simple. The logo, composed of a wordmark with an emblem and the tagline, looks neat and modest.

The emblem of the company replaces the letter “R” of the nameplate, adding smooth lines to the traditional inscription. The “R” in green drawn in the “at”-style looks delicate and progressive, evoking a sense of movement and dynamics.

PayR Emblem

Green is the commonly known symbol of the new life and growth, but it also represents money, wealth and success, while blue of the main wordmark symbolizes reliability and protection.

The tagline of the logo, “Pay Retailers”, deciphers the company’s name and adds a sense of seriousness and stability. It is executed in all capitals of a traditional italicized sans-serif typeface, repeating the colors of the main wordmark.


The “Pay” part of the wordmark is executed in a bold sans-serif typeface with smooth thick lines and rounded angles. The font of the inscription is very close to Maisee SemiBold Italic, a modern typeface, evoking a sense of energy and innovations.

The inscription looks solid and stable, perfectly balancing the rounded emblem and adding some strictness to the whole logo.

PayR Logo


Besides providing its customers with online payment solutions for their e-commerce platforms and websites, the company’s range of products also includes consulting and managing services, which are designed to maximize the benefits of the business.

The company’s most popular products is an e-wallet, which supports more than 100 various payment methods and uses the latest technologies for every customer to be protected and enjoy convenient and fast transactions.

The platform also offers flexible and competitive currency conversion rates and low commissions, 24/7 online support on several languages and real-time reporting, which can be automatically scheduled.

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