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The Chinese national payment system was founded in 2002 as an association of banks of the People’s Republic of China at the initiative of the State Council and the National Bank of China. It developed rapidly and gradually, working closely with about 2000 financial institutions in various states. Today China UnionPay through its subsidiary company, UnionPay International, operates practically on all the continents of the world and more than 6 billion bankcards of the system are used in 177 countries.

Meaning and history

UnionPay Logo history

2002 – 2005

UnionPay Logo-2002
The initial badge of the UnionPay service was executed in a bright red, blue, and green color palette, just like the one we all can see today. The colors were set on the background, making up three diagonal elements, which formed a parallelogram with rounded angles. On this figure there were two white hieroglyphs, standing for the name of the company.

2005 – Today

UnionPay Logo

The logotype of UnionPay was designed at the time of the establishment of the company and practically has not changed since then. It consists of a rectangle with rounded corners bearing three broad vertical stripes and the name UnionPay in Latin and Chinese script.

The colours of the stripes are red, blue and blue-turquoise. In China, the red colour symbolizes the Phoenix bird and represents the element of fire and the strive for upward motion. The Blue colour is a symbol of the sky, while turquoise means the source of wealth and abundance. As to the font, it is most close to Savigny Bold Normal Italic.

Logo UnionPay

For the multiple holders of UnionPay cards, its logo is associated with a quickly developing worldwide payment brand and world-class financial services. UnionPay declares among its goals not only to achieve commercial success but to create social value as well. It promises to give back to society and to become better together with the world.