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Google Pay is an online system of electronic payments made from mobile devices, such as smartphones, etc., which runs under the Android operating system. It was developed by Google designers in 2015 on the basis of Google Wallet founded back in 2011. However, initially, the system was named Android Pay underlining the fact that it was compatible with 70 per cent of Android devices. In February 2018 the system finally received its current name, Google Pay.

Meaning and history

Google Pay Logo history
Google Pay is a mobile service that allows users to purchase goods and services using a compatible Android phone with an NFC chip. You can also use Google Pay with your tablet or watch. This online payment system and digital wallet are convenient solutions for customers in the digital world.

Consumers can simply flash their phones to purchase the NFC connection. This gives today’s merchants more flexibility when it comes to offering shoppers the most desirable payment options.

In its current state, the service was created in 2018, when Google updated its online payment and mobile payment solutions, putting everything under the single umbrella of Google Pay.

Consumers can use Google Pay for online payments, contactless shopping, in-app purchases, and more. There’s even the ability to share money from person to person, as with PayPal. Google Pay is also a great way for merchants to give their consumers more payment options.

Google Pay allows users to take advantage of contactless payments without a physical Visa or MasterCard. You don’t have to carry around a wallet to use your Google account or remember your credit card number. If you have a compatible card on your device, you’re ready to go. To use Google Pay effectively, all you have to do is download the app and sign in to your Google account.

You can access Google Pay through the Google Play store on your Android phone. Once logged in, you can set up your preferred payment method with your transactions every time you use Google Pay.

What is Google Pay?
Google Pay, formerly known as Android Pay, is a mobile service that allows you to pay for purchases in stores, websites, and apps through your smartphone.Google Pay can be used in all stores and other places where contactless payment terminals are installed.

2017 – 2018

Google Tez Logo 2017
The original logo depicts two thick lines with rounded ends, one straight and one curved. Together, they look like the letter ‘T’. In terms of coloring, the former uses a dark blue shade, whereas the latter is more of a turquoise color. Lastly, there is a pale green dot at the tip which both these figures share.

2018 – Today

Google Pay Logo-2018The logo of the payment system is a coloured capital “G”, which stands for “Google”, and a dark grey word “Pay”, placed on a chequered rectangle in pale blue and white. This emblem first appeared at the beginning of the year 2018 when Google Pay replaced the old Android Pay and was slightly changed in November the same year.

The capital “G” symbol is made in the traditional Google colours: red, yellow, green and blue with the only difference that their tones are more vivid and consistent. Using configuration of the “G” as a round basis, the colours are dispensed following the tetradic colour scheme where all the four tones are placed evenly around the circle without the dominance of any of them. This colour palette has been chosen in order to add some optimistic and energetic feel to the logo and is believed to contribute to a large extent to Google’s exceptional success.

The font used for the current GooglePay logo is sans-serif. The decisive factor in this choice was that the font’s bold and smoothly contoured configuration is pixel-friendly and it easily suits any text resolution, therefore making the wordmark legible on a broad variety of devices including small-screen smartphones.

2020 – Today

Google Pay Logo
The Google Pay logo was redesigned in 2020 and the changes made this year created a completely new and modern image for the service. Though the color palette remained the same — the new emblem is still executed in the iconic blue, yellow, green, and red Google color palette — the new shapes made it all look very different. The logo today featured only a graphical part, with no lettering. Two smooth “bracket-like” elements are connected to each other and have their parts colored in one of the four colors.

Font and Color

The redesigned Google Pay logo has no lettering on it, just a bold and sleek colorful emblem, executed in the corporate Google palette — blue, green, yellow, and red. The shades represent the variety of products, offered by the company, and point to its strongest sides, at the same time making all icons recognizable and associated with the mother company.