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Initially, QuickPay was launched in December 2004 in Denmark as a system of payments. In 2013, it was converted into an international company operating in the field of financial processing and information technology development. QuickPay operates within a wide range of payment methods, including credit card, bank transfer, invoice, etc. Nowadays the company allows about 30 thousand traders to process more than 2 million payments every month and its terminals are installed in many countries of the world.

Meaning and history

Before 2013, the system used a logotype that consisted just of the name “QuickPay”. Its colour palette included beautiful Aegean blue tone which was used for the first half of the wordmark. The second half, “pay” was written in canary yellow. The font of the logo is Nimbus Sans ME Bold. A distinctive feature of the logo was a dash in the letter “Q”. It is made in the same canary yellow colour as the second half of the inscription and has the form of a bilateral arrow, symbolizing mutual settlements between financial partners.

After the creation of the international company, QuikPay changed its logo to a more strict and elegant version which is used till now. This time it is a logo made up of a pebble grey rectangle with a white inscription “QuickPay” in concise graphics resembling the commercial font Avenir Next Pro Condensed Demi Italic. To the left of the wordmark, it has a new emblem: two blue discs penetrating each other at a 90-degree angle like two coins being exchanged between a trader and a client. According to QuickPay officials, its logo symbolizes the company’s efforts to ensure stable operations, its constant search for new technologies to provide its clients with the best possible toolset.

Another logotype has an emblem of a blue square with a white zigzag of lightning ending with an arrow. To the right of the square emblem, the logo bears a black inscription “quickpay” written in a font most close to Fuse V.2 Printed Display Extrabold.