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Perfect Money is an electronic payment system processing non-cash payments on the Internet. It was created not so long ago, in 2007. The official name of the company operating this system is Perfect Money Finance Corp, owned de jure by Startup Research & Investments Ltd., a legal entity registered on the British Virgin Islands. The headquarters and operational service centres of the corporation are located in Zurich and Hong Kong.

Meaning and history

Perfect Money logo

The logo of the Perfect Money Corporation was developed in 2007 and has not been changed since then. It is rather concise and consists just of the name of the system in scarlet red colour and is written in a special corporate script apparently developed on the basis of the commercial font Palatino Pro Medium. The graphics of the capital “P” is changed and the curved line forming the upper part of the letter is extended till the vertical line and bypasses it a bit giving the impression of forward motion. Under the wordmark, there is a black inscription “just perfect” of a smaller size. This tiny line is written in Gardner Sans Medium font and fits exactly under the word “Money”.

Logo Perfect Money

On the Internet site of the payment system sometimes a second version of the logo is used. It is even more concise than the main one and constitutes simply a circle of the corporate purple colour, edged with a narrow yellow stripe. Inside the circle, there are two capital letters “PM”.

The developers of Perfect Money were tasked with a large-scale goal, to combine all the best qualities of the predecessors of the payment system in their product. The fact that the service after ten years has been able to become popular and demanded demonstrates that they have fulfilled their task. According to Perfect Money officials, this is the main meaning of the system’s logo.

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