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Jeton is a British company, which was established in 2016 and specialized in online payments. The business is fully privately owned and managed and headquartered in London. The main aim of the company is to provide its users with online mechanisms to keep their funds online and make various transactions.

Meaning and history

The company’s visual identity is minimalist yet bright and recognizable. Its bold wordmark is placed on a bright background, which reflects the power and energy of a young yet progressive platform.

The white inscription placed on an orange square with rounded angles is used as the main logo and as the icon, creating a laconic yet strong and confident visual identity for the fintech company.

Jeton Emblem

The combination of colors symbolizes the passion and creativity of a loyal and reliable platform, showing the customer as the main value for the developers, which do their best in order to provide clients with the safest and latest tools.


The wordmark is executed in a custom sans-serif typeface, which is very close to Grold Bold font, but with the letter “J” slightly modified. The thick smooth lines of the inscription represent the reliable and stable company and make the whole logo look friendly and welcoming.

Jeton Logo


Jeton offers online payment solutions for individual and business customers across the globe. The audience of the platform today is over 500 thousand users worldwide, which says a lot about the reliability of the company and its fundamental approach to protecting their customer’s information and payments.

The website of the company is available in 5 languages and contains all the necessary information on the services and solutions the platform provides. The basic list of products includes online money transfers, instant payments and withdraws and prepaid cards for individuals, along with various payment methods and multi-currency wallets for companies.

The platform also offers a 24/7 client support service and account management in several languages, which makes the use of the products easier and faster.