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Assist is the name of a payment system that unites a large group of banks in order to ensure safe Internet payments through plastic and virtual cards in real-time. It is a product of a Russian company-developer with the same name, which was established in St. Petersburg in 1998. At present, the company Assist processes more than 15 million payments a year and controls 80 per cent of all Internet transactions in Russia.

Meaning and history

Assist Logo

The first logo appeared with the foundation of the company in 1998. The emblem of the system was a circle made in is basil green tone. In the middle, the circle is horizontally crossed by two wavy lines that go beyond the circle. Under the circle, there was a concise inscription with the company’s name “ASSIST” made in deep black colour. It was written in a font most resembling the commercial Frutiger Pro 95 Ultra Black.

Logo Assist

Although the essence of the logotype has never been changed its appearance lately has been noticeably modified. The two horizontal waves have got sharp endings and now they bisect the circle rather than simply cross it. As to the colour, the same basil green is used but now it acquired highlights and shadows and some 3D twist. The graphics of the word “ASSIST” are changed to more delicate and modern and now they resemble the Ethna Light font. A new line under the company’s name has been added saying “provider of electronic payments” in Russian script of one-fourth of the main font’s size. For the system’s operations in Belorussia is used the same logo, but one of the horizontal lines drawn in red colour as a subtle reference to the country’s national flag.

To many customers of the Assist system, its logo symbolizes a reliable and secure payment method as well as the highest level of protection of their personal data through the most advanced technologies.