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Giropay is a German national system of Internet payments providing online banking services to its clients. It was founded in February 2006. The payment method enables its customers to make purchases online in a secure manner through direct online transfers. The system is owned by Giropay GmbH and most of the German banks cooperate with it.

Meaning and history

Giropay logo

Giropay logo was developed at the time of the system’s foundation in 2006 and its design has not been changed since then. The logo is designed as a rectangle with rounded corners. It consists of two halves: a white left part with blue edging and the word “giro” in vivid red colour and a blue right part with the word “pay” written in white colour. The logo’s design perfectly fits the requirements of high-resolution screens of modern smartphones and tablets making the system easily recognizable. For many Giropay customers, this logo symbolizes convenient and secure financial online services.

Logo Giropay

The logo also exists in a black and white version. Its left half is white with black edging and black wordmark and the right is black with a white part of the wordmark. Another version has a blue left half with white letters and a white right part with blue letters on it.

The colour palette includes berry blue for the rectangle background, white as a background of the left half, candy red for the word “giro” and white for the word “pay”.
The logo uses special letter graphics which resembles the commercial font Humanist 777 Std Black.